How to Refill

Reused bottles of various sizes are shown outside. These reused bottles have been refilled with dish soap and laundry detergent concentrate. The soap and it's bubbles are inside clear bottles that seem to shine with the sun's glow. Each bottle is remarked with a Mother Lover label.

Refilling isn’t a new concept but it doesn’t fit the norm anymore. By reusing your bottles you are keeping disposable plastics out of landfills and resource-intensive recycling systems. 

At Mother Lover, you can bring your own container (glass, aluminum, plastic, etc), grab from our sanitized donated jars, or purchase a new one. Refills are sold by ounce and you fill up on as much or as little as you need.

What can you use to refill? 

Any bottle, jar, or vessel that has a closure. We love kombucha bottles, old laundry jugs, mason jars, apple sauce jars, and so much more! We love them all! 


  • Your refill container must be empty, clean, and dry
  • When refilling a bottle, be sure to fill it with the same product as before. If your container is dusty, has water, or has product that is older than a year, sanitize and dry it before refilling to preserve the life of your product. This is especially important for face and skin care products to prevent the growth of mold, yeast, or fungus.


  • Give your container to one of our team members to weigh and tare.
  • Decide which products you'd like and how much of your container you'd like to fill up. 
  • Start refilling or have one of our team members do it for you.
  • Make sure to leave enough space in your jar for your pump.
  • Have a team member reweigh your container and document the amount of ounces you've filled up on. 
  • Grab one of our labels for your container. 
  • Check-out and you're done! 

Not comfortable doing it yourself? We'll refill for you! 


Home Refill Request

Don't forget:

Include what products you want to refill and specify what scents. Check out our refill menu for a full list of offerings.

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Refill Return Policy

Refill, bulk items and containers are not eligible for return or refund. All other new and unused merchandise with original packaging may be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase with original receipt.