Our Story

Mother Lover: Sustainability Made Simple

This lil’ low-waste shop is all about creating access to products that are good for Mama. We have curated a selection of goods that are made in America, ethically, sustainably, plastic-free, and free from toxic chemicals. Join us as we break the status quo of household and personal goods and create a new standard where truly eco-friendly is the norm. 

Here everyone is welcome. No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, we hope this is a place for you to explore the possibilities of low-waste living. We aim to build our community of Mother Lovers through support, education, inclusivity, and kindness. 

Together our positive changes create incredible change.

Our Founder

Martha Mora

Founder and owner, Cuban-American, Mama, lifelong eco-activist

My entire life I have had a passion for the environment. I always found ways to learn, protect, and document any part of nature I could get in touch with. It filled my spirit with a sense of connection to life outside of my small city while exposing me to the majesty of Mother Earth. 

Then in 2018, I became a mom and dealt with post-partum depression (PPD) that focused heavily on climate doom. I was scared of the future I brought this human into. I didn’t have the time or emotional stamina to go out and protest, do clean-ups, and volunteer like I used to. I felt powerless, thinking that my impact only reached as far as I could walk to pick up plastic along the shore.

Low-waste living helped me step into my power again and heal. I felt a sense of hope knowing that I was filling my home with products and routines that didn’t negatively impact the environment. I was seeing my waste decrease and felt good knowing that the products my family is consuming are ethically made, non-toxic, and support small businesses. While I continue on this journey, I realize that even my imperfect sustainability makes a difference. 

Mother Lover is my way of making low-waste living accessible so that everyone has the power to love our Mother.